Monday, November 5, 2012

Finding Many Ways To Gain My Rights

           The way the economy is right now, it makes it hard for me and my allies to get to where we are due to millions of people out of work. After I got my driver's license last year, I've always wanted to work in a grocery store that offers more hours, where it was an awesome learning and fun experience for me to meet every nice customers, including their children, and outstanding co-workers. Four years ago, I got that opportunity at Earth Fare to work hard and to have so much fun time hanging out with everyone and catching up. However, in 2010 this is where everything was going to fade away; the corporate got involved, and made us get our hours cut due to budget cuts.

           I was so sad not to see my favorite customers like I used to, it's been a painful experience for me that there's nothing I can do to get more hours to work there. Since then, I been looking at other grocery stores to work at, but it felt like I been treated unfairly due to my lack of interviewing skills and being autistic.

           15 months later, I gave up all hope looking for jobs until I saw the community websites known as Autistic Speaking Day, and Autistic Self Advocacy Network. I heard there were self-advocates who are taking a stand and speaking up to fight for their rights. Currently, that's when I stepped in, participated in the community websites, and I spoke up about me being proud as an autistic person with self-determination and independence to keep fighting for my rights and put an end to discrimination. For the record, I will participate in autism events, and be more involved in the community until one day, I finally gained a full-time job never giving up.


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